We work hard to be a trusted oil field and underwater pipeline wielding expert to the communities, offshore and seashore where we do business and to the terrestrial fathers of the region who make our operations possible.

Gaining and holding the trust of our neighbors and partners is essential to our success. That is why we are committed to maintain an open and honest dialogue with terrestrial fathers of the region about what we do and how we do it.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and assess our performance against environmental and social measures based specifically on the characteristics of your property. We operate under state and federal environmental requirements and once a site is no longer producing, we ensure the wells are properly plugged and the site is rehabilitated.



What are my options if I think there is oil or gas on my property? If you think there is oil or gas on property where you own the mineral, please contact the JIMEXPERT CORPORATION department at 724-901-2506

How long does it take to drill a well? For a single horizontal well, it typically takes four to six weeks to prepare the site for drilling and another four to six weeks of rig work, which includes running all casing and cementing and moving rig equipment off the well site.

The time required for drilling depends on the method used. Most wells can be drilled in less than six weeks using rotary rigs. Since up to six wells can be drilled from one well site the initial site preparation time will only occur once.

After the well is drilled, it may take several weeks to schedule work crews to carry out the hydraulic fracturing, bring the well into production, and restore the site so only the most minimal production footprint is used.



What can I expect when a company is going to drill in my area? Initially you will see more heavy trucks on the road carrying equipment, machinery, casings and fuel going to and from the drilling pad. Trucks will also transport the mud, rock and water that came back to the surface to licensed disposal facilities. After the drilling rig and the heavy trucks that support it have left the site, you will see water trucks, brought in to support the hydraulic fracturing process. When the wells have been completed, traffic will minimize.


wwSeismic testing may be carried out to gain a comprehensive and accurate picture of the shale formation. Seismic technology bounces sound waves off the underground shale formation and records the time between the reverberations. The resulting image is a 3-D map of the shale’s hills and valleys indicating which sections of the underlying geology are likely to produce the most hydrocarbons. A drilling pad will be prepared to house the drilling rig on location. The rig will be on site for drilling the well and running pipe into the well bore. The drilling activity is a 24-hour operation.

technoAfter the well is drilled, the drilling rig moves off the well location so that the well can be “completed.” This is accomplished over two to three weeks by a smaller portable rig and hydraulic fracturing equipment such as high pressure pumps. After completion, surface equipment possibly including a pumping unit will be installed along with appropriate fencing and gates. There will be minimal activity once the well begins to produce oil and or gas. During the production phase, oil wells operate using a pumping unit to maintain well pressure that encourages the flow of liquids. Natural gas operations often use only a small well head. Occasionally, a small rig will be brought to the location for well remedial work.



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