OilGasOur exploration strategy is to be a focused basin master in areas such as West Africa, Asia Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico and to continue to look for overlooked and emerging basins to fill our inventory for the future. Our goal is to focus on fewer geographic areas, manage our risk through strategic partnering and continuously strengthen our organizational capabilities.

We have focused our resources strategically, defining and prioritizing the basins and types of assets we will pursue. Our key basins today include West Africa, where we have made significant discoveries at the Deep-water.

Last Pipe of Nord Stream’s Line 1We are committed to attracting, retaining and energizing the best people. We strive to attract, motivate and reward highly talented people who embrace their work with pride and passion. We inspire their dedication and best efforts by investing in their development, rewarding their accomplishments and providing them with challenging and rewarding opportunities for personal growth. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and value the opinions of each individual. We are committed to frequent and open communication of information and ideas.


We value individual initiative, entrepreneurial decision making, teamwork and a passion for excellence.

We intend to be an industry leader wherever we compete. We are committed to operational excellence, product quality and customer service. Our people are empowered to exercise initiative and are accountable for their results. We embrace change, encourage innovation and seek continuous improvement by learning from our experiences.



We are committed to preserving the special qualities and unique personality that have made us a successful independent enterprise.

We take prudent risks and seize exciting opportunities with speed and agility, remaining focused on the importance of personal relationships and striving to be the company of choice for our employees, customers, partners and investors. Above all, we continue to be a company that cares about its people, its impact on the community, its reputation and about doing the right thing.

We are creating an army of problem solvers across our company, drawing on ideas from the workforce to overcome complex challenges. we are applying lean techniques and adopting new technologies to become more efficient in constructing and operating our facilities – reducing cycle times and eliminating waste.





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We are adopting advanced technologies, applying new operating procedures and leveraging our success in the field of Pipelining Engineer Expert across the world. Wise use of technology helps us produce excellent work-done at lower cost