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There has been a significant change in the oil industry since 1970’s . Most oil producing countries have nationalized the commodity making the United States one of the few places left where a private citizen can own his own well. Indeed, we have taken advantage of that liberty as 90% of American oil and gas exploration is done by independent drillers like JIMEXPERT PIPELINE WIRING AND WIELDING CORPORATION.

Exploration is not easy.  It’s not for the faint of heart. The best drillers and geologists can’t completely avoid missing the mark at times, but for those who are diligent and disciplined, oil and gas can be found. Technology has made it easier to focus our efforts and mitigated some of the risk.

The common perception of oil companies has been formed by legends of the old oil barons who struck it rich and built empires. While stories like that are true, today the landscape is very different. Major oil companies today typically focus their work on production more than exploration, leaving investors who want to participate having to buy shares of the company rather than owning a project outright.

In the beginning, JIMEXPERT PIPELINE WIRING AND WIELDING CORPORATION actively exploited one of the largest natural gas producing fields in the country, the Barnett Shale. Recently we have expanded our focus to include opportunities other than pipeline wiring and wielding.

MH-DDJIMEXPERT PIPELINE WIRING AND WIELDING CORPORATION Operating (JPWW) was formed in 2009 on the premise that its core capabilities offer the essence of what energy exploration companies are seeking from their field service relationships. Put simply, JIMEXPERT PIPELINE WIRING AND WIELDING CORPORATION brings five key benefits to the well site venturer: Experience, Strong Industry Relationships, Value/Cost savings, Exacting efficiency and Speed. All of these are essential values to turning areas of interest into potential assets quickly.The JIMEXPERT PIPELINE WIRING AND WIELDING CORPORATION team members bring a history of over 21 successful well completions and decades of experience in the industry working on conventional and unconventional tight formation wells. JIMEXPERT PIPELINE WIRING AND WIELDING CORPORATION provides operating service on an as-needed or turn-key, start-to-finish basis. Services encompass all requisite activities that an energy exploration company may seek from its field operator.These services can include overall operations administration with responsibilities for developing areas of interest, prospect generation, lease negotiation, land management, permitting and compliance, well site construction, drilling and completion, pipeline construction, maintenance, and revenue distribution.


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